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World Vegetarian Day takes place annually on October 1st and kick starts Vegetarian Awareness Month.

It’s a day dedicated to highlighting the health and environmental benefits of being vegetarian, an opportunity for those who are vegetarian to explain a little more about it to their family and friends, and maybe to encourage them to try it out.

As a non-vegetarian it can sometimes be difficult to see why eating meat is anything less than natural, although I totally understand and respect the choices of my family and friends who choose not to do so.

The Guardian recently reported that eating as a vegetarian for just a few meals a week could have huge benefits both personally and as a way of alleviating global food issues, especially in the developing world.

And as my little girl has been asking to be a vegetarian for a while (without me really taking her seriously), we thought the lead up to World Vegetarian Day was a good time to do some research into the pros and cons, and the day-to-day challenges, of adopting this lifestyle choice.

As you’d expect (if you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know we love food), we’ve been looking for yummy recipes to try out. Roasted butternut squash soup with chilli and crushed coriander seeds is proving to be very popular (although not with Daddy), along with a great veggie chilli (perfect for all the family).

We’ve found some other wonderful recipes that are way too good to keep to ourselves. Check them out below and cook up a veggie treat for your family.

3 of our fave veggie recipe resources

Jamie Oliver's Veggie Chilli1. Jamie Oliver’s top 5.

I love Jamie because although I love food, I’m not a great cook, and his recipes are simple to follow and turn out great!

And, like Jamie, everyone in my house absolutely loves his veggie chilli, served with a crunchy tortilla and avocado salad.



Pea soup2. Over 80 stunning recipes from

You’ll never be stuck for an entertaining idea again.

With something to suit every taste, and available time limit, browsing through this collection left us simply ravenous!

We do love this simple and gorgeous coloured pea soup! And the veggie lasagne from the  Cooking with Kids range.


Squash risotto3. Delicious Magazine’s 10 best comfort veggie dishes.

These are especially great as the evenings draw in and get a little chilly.

You’ll find great warming risottos, pastas and aubergine bakes suitable for kids to grannies and granddads alike.


With the recent arrival of our Greenhouse Dome, we’ve also been researching which vegetables we’d love to grow ourselves … the beautiful and colourful stems of rainbow chard and gorgeous orange carrots are high up on my list, and Jess is still campaigning for pumpkins despite the fact they seem to require an enormous amount of space!

If you haven’t had a chance to plant any veg this year but are interested in getting started, a great resource is Christine Walkden’s ‘No-Nonsense Container Gardening‘ available on Amazon.

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There’s nowhere better to cook up a great veggie ‘one pot’ recipe than in your own Get Together Lodge.

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